What is a complaint

We are committed to putting our customers first. Use this form if you are unhappy with something we have done or the way we have acted, for example:

  •   failure to deliver a service
  •   unsatisfactory quality of a service
  •   the behaviour of a member of our staff

There are certain types of issues that we can’t investigate through our formal complaints procedure, these might include:

  •   where there is an existing appeals or tribunal process, for example planning or parking appeals
  •   complaints about services that are the responsibility of other authorities, for example highways or social care

Do not use this form to

  •   escalate an existing complaint
  •   report something to us, such as a missed bin or dog fouling
  •   complain about a councillor
  •   enquire about a service
  •   make a Freedom of Information or Environmental Information Request

By using the correct form to contact us, your enquiry will go to the right people and we'll be able to deal with your problem promptly.

If you wish to escalate an existing complaint, details of how to do this are included within the resolution sent to you.

Before you start

Your complaint should include

  •   what you believe has gone wrong
  •   how it has affected you

Our policy sets out what will happen with your complaint once we receive it. Read our policy

How we use your data

If you wish to know why we collect your data and how we use it, then please see our privacy notice.