What is graffiti

Graffiti are drawings or words that are written, sprayed, painted or scratched onto property. Graffiti is a criminal offence. We, or the police, can issue a fixed penalty notice of up to £75. More serious or repeated vandalism can carry large fines given out by a magistrate.

You can report graffiti to us or the police.

Contact us if

  •   the graffiti is on our buildings or land

To report acts of vandalism to private property, call the police on 101. If the graffiti is on private land or property, it is up to the owners to deal with it.

Before you start

You will need to tell us:

  •   where the graffiti is located
  •   details of the graffiti

If you see somebody in the act, call the police on 101.

How we use your data

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