Use this form to report repeated issues with nuisance smells, for example as a result of:

  •   agricultural practices like spreading slurry or sludge onto land
  •   sewage handling facilities (including sewage treatment works, sewage pumping stations, sludge treatment centres, and storm water storage tanks)
  •   food processors and commercial kitchens (for example, if the extraction system is poor)
  •   animals, livestock and poultry
  •   slaughter houses, abattoirs and animal by-product rendering plants like pet food factories
  •   paints and solvents from garages or workshops (for example, if vents are poorly positioned)

Action you can take

  •    Contact the person responsible for the nuisance directly, either by letter or by knocking on their door, following social distancing guidelines. They may be unaware of the problem and might take action voluntarily to prevent the nuisance.
  •    If you are a tenant, or you are aware that the property where the nuisance is coming from is owned by a landlord or housing association, then you should also contact that landlord and explain the problem.
  •   If you are aware that the property where the smell is coming from is owned or managed by a housing association you should contact the housing association

Do not use this form to report:

  •   unplanned spillages

Before you start

You can help us identify the source and location of the issue by telling us

  •   the type of smell
  •   the address where the issue is happening, this is essential for us to investigate your complaint. Without this information your complaint may not be investigated or it may cause significant delay in investigating your complaint.
  •   the times and the frequency the issue is happening

How we use your data

If you wish to know why we collect your data and how we use it, then please see our privacy notice.