You can use this form to report a commercial property that is having the waste collected by us.
Under the Environmental Protection Act (1990), all businesses (including those operating from home), have a legal responsibility to safely contain and dispose of any waste produced as a result of their business. This legal responsibility includes holiday let properties. (Please note that the property does not have to be rated for Business Rates to be classed as commercial for waste collection purposes)

Before you start

Use this form to report a property that you believe is operating as a commercial business and is having the waste collected by us.

You will need to tell us:
  •    the address of the property
  •    explanation of why you believe the property is operating as a business

Do not use this form to

  •    Report any other issues in relation to the use of a commercial business (e.g. noise complaints, parking violations, planning breaches etc)

How we use your data

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