Our Public Protection specialists can investigate complaints made about food hygiene in food premises within the South Lakeland area.

You can report:
  •   suspected food poisoning
  •   a foreign object found in your food
  •   dirty premises
  •   poor hand hygiene
  •   poor food handling
  •   food with visible signs of mould or decay
  •   food sold past its use-by date
  •   unavailable or incorrect allergen information

Do not use this form to:

  •   problems with payments and refunds or late, incorrect or missing takeaway delivery, these should be discussed with the business or ordering platform
  •   complaints about food quality (such as over-ripe fruit) or food which has expired its best before date
  •   food that is not of the declared weight
  •   false descriptions or inappropriate labelling of food and drink
Some of these issues, such as labelling, may be investigated by the the Trading Standards Team.

Before you start

You will need to tell us:
  •   the type of problem you are reporting
  •   the name and location of the business you are reporting
  •   when the incident occurred
If you have found something in a food item you have bought, you should keep the following items to give to us:
  •   Your proof of purchase
  •   The food wrapping/box or label and or its original container
  •   The food and the item you found in the food
  •   If the item is still in the food leave it in place rather than remove it
  •   Keep the food in a refrigerator or freezer to preserve it for us to examine

How we use your data

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